Vyve Capri Splashpants & Hoodies

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Splashpants Excitement

We were recently contacted through one of our social media outlets. A very nice lady said she had a couple of products she would like us to review. I was so excited to get her request I told all of the B.R. staff (yep all 4 of em) before responding to her. I explained that we only reviewed products that we personally use or had used or could thoroughly research. So she offered to send a pair of Vyve splashpants  and an ASL for babies book for us to review. Below you will find the review of the Vyve splashpants written by our social media/ I.T. girl (our it girl cause splashpants aint gonna fit my big butt) who will remain nameless for my safety. haha. The ASL book for babies review will follow once we receive it. Thanks again to Vyve for reaching out to us

Our I.T. It girl

OH MY GOODNESS!!! If you have not yet tried these Vyve Capri splash pants they are a must have! From the
moment I put them on I was hooked! I’m a mom with two very active children who absolutely love to be
outside. Whether it’s playing in puddles, lakes, or rivers,  you name it. If it involves water and getting
dirty they want a part in it. That being said I need a pair of pants that are reliable and able to withstand
anything the day has to throw at them. The Vyve Capri splash pants are it! They are the only athletic pants
that I can turn to. The splash pants allow me to be more active with my children. to play and not worry about
getting wet and feeling gross all day. With there compression material it allows the pants to fit perfectly
without constantly being adjusted throughout the day. Which lets be honest is nice when jumping climbing
crawling and swimming.

A Feel Difference

The Vyve splashpants have a sleek black, quick drying, easy clean, super comfortable feel.
And are  lighter than wearing a bathing suit,  along with keeping me cool. with their movable, breathable material.
I have never owned pants like these and l have brought a ton of different types through out the years.
You will be so happy to have found these pants and a great company like Vyve.
I will say They do tend to run a little small so keep in mind while ordering. For example I am a size
4 pants so I needed to order a medium, but a small fit me. Shipping was fast. Vyve Capri splashpants are absolutely amazing, and I can not wait to buy more!
From the creator:
vyve’s splashpant is the key item in the brand line that moves from land to water and back to land.  Made of compression fabric that holds up in chlorine, the splashpant is a fun alternative for water aerobics, swim workouts, stand-up paddle boarding or a visit to the waterpark. It’s perfect even if you’re not sure you’ll get wet! Our running, hiking and biking friends love our splashpants for their land workouts and mom’s thrive with the multi-purpose versatility just like our triathlete fans in training. They run small and fit tightly – the compression fabric sucks to your body to avoid bloat in the water. Order splashpants a size up if you want a more relaxed fit.

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